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Our small turkeys are always hen birds grown to 24 weeks of age. Although significantly more costly this process gives them more time to mature, develop and become delicious for your Christmas table.

We dry pluck our birds and leave them to mature for 10-14 days before preparing them for your roasting dish. This process is called 'game hanging', allowing the fat to marble and the meat to tenderise resulting in extremely tender and moist meat for melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. This type of process is costly and can only be done by dry plucking and rearing the birds to maturity, ensuring that they have a hard layer of fat under the skin for depth of flavour.

Last orders for Christmas must be placed by December 4th, but we only have a limited number of stock, so when its gone its gone, so i would suggest you get your orders in sooner rather than later.